A downloadable game for Windows

This is a "interactive picture", as I calling it. The thing, where you can click on the object and see what characters have to say about it.

I took Bloody-Uragiri's "screenshot" with all descriptions and everything and made an "interactive picture" out of it, just for fun. And boy, am I embarrassed by the execution today :) I can do better (and maybe I will), but I wanted to upload it here, so my DropBox had more empty space.

Toby Fox created the beautiful world of the Undertale,

Bloody-Uragiri draw these lovely sprites and wrote the text

and I made the coding and all that stuff.

(by the way, music and sounds are also from Undertale (and also original sprites))

(and oh God, why couldn't I stick to the original sans' and Papyrus' sprites?:)

sans' is made by OfficialDwayne,

Papyrus' is made by rinbooty (formerly purplefloof))

Install instructions

If you don't have archive manager (or how is it called?), tell me and I'll upload all the files. I would upload them now, but there are about 10 of them, I don't want to clutter up.


Astraine's Backyard.zip 27 MB

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