A downloadable game for Windows

Defeat evil monsters, by destroying four towers and their base!

-Every 4 turns day's goes by and monsters respawn.

-Combat is QTE basically, where you have 4 buttons (arrows) and you need to press them when the prompt comes up.

-You can also upgrade your character with gold that you collect from the battles - just click on the village to go to the shop.

-And you can change the difficulty by pressing the button on the right (and also restart)

Why it's called "JStrategy"? It was planned to be a strategy with elements from JRPG.

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Published 362 days ago
Tags16-bit, Monsters, qte, strategy

Install instructions

Download either the .exe file or .zip file. If you chose .zip file then unzip before opening the game.


J_strat.exe (2 MB)
J.zip (2 MB)

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